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December 28, 2015

Paul Denys was the “Maître d’oeuvre” of the restoration of our heritage house. He started the project in 2000 and completed the work in 2010.

Right from the beginning we knew he was the man for the job. All stages of the restoration whether it be structural or decorative were done with high professionalism. Without any architectural plan, he replicated the intricate decoration of our porch and cornice by creating the actual design from an old photo of 1908.

Paul Denys is a professional craftsman in the right sense of the word. He never approaches a restoration project without an extensive archival research of the history of the building, the original material used and craftsmanship of the time. The results are really impressive.

Paul Denys is an artist. Restoration is his passion and it shows in his work.
By: Paul Denys
October 22, 2019
Thank you for your belief in us. This was truly special and rare project that challenged every skill in building and an creativity. I do not think I will have another experience like it. I wish you many years of enjoyment .
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